Here are some Story’s of People’s Lives that have been changed!

Jail Testimony: Jeremy

2014-11-12 09:45:00 admin
This is Jeremy's story AKA J-Roc who had come to The Original Basement years ago, and rededicated his life when he was reunited with Matt Pitt in Shelby County Jail!
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Jail Testimonyl: Prayer Call

2014-11-12 09:20:49 admin

Matt Pitt talking about prayer service in jail!

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Hollie's Story

2014-10-14 16:16:53 admin

Check out Hollie’s story of letting go of her past and past relationships!

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Jail Testimony: Joe

2014-09-23 19:04:16 admin

Joe April 2014 Inmate Testimony

Up here in the upper room every night so far Matt was telling me that you know you gotta produce and bear good fruit. And you don’t carry your burdens around, you give them to the Lord, because you know thats what He got up on that cross to do. Now I got to praying and studying the Word every night and that God will knock on the door but you the knob is on your end. You got to open it for Him. and then stay plugged in and focused of God’s will and His plan for you. Love others and be a fisher of men. Care for the lost. Watch, listen and pray and go on and pray some more and more for guidance. And pain and mistakes, everything in the past is temporary, but His love for us is eternal and forever. That’s some of the things that I’ve picked up from up there

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Jail Testimony: Spreading the Gospel

2014-09-22 15:49:35 admin

Here is a story of 2 men that led people to Christ after they were led to Christ by Matt Pitt during his indictment in Shelby County!

Two Men Saved

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