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Making A Difference: Matt Pitt Of The Basement

September 14th, 2015

Making A Difference: Matt Pitt Of The Basement

Every month, NBC13HD recognizes people in the community making a difference.

This month, we introduce you to a young man who has captured the attention of thousands in the Birmingham metro area with his energy and faith.

Matt Pitt draws some 6,000 people to a unique worship experience every Tuesday night.

Ironically, it was a drug overdose in front a huge crowd that lead him down this path.

Matt Pitt hits the stage every Tuesday night with an outrageous amount of energy. He says he’s competing with bars and clubs to pull in young people to learn more about God.


He grabs their attention with lasers, Christian rap, whatever it takes to make them realize there is a better path. Some 6,000 people show up every time Pitt opens what he calls The Basement.

“I feel like this generation hope has been pulled out, so we put on a service to pump them up and say you can do all things through Christ. That’s our message,” Pitt said.

Rewind almost six years ago, Matt was in trouble. He was hooked on drugs and selling them. His problems carried over from high school in Birmingham to college at the University of Alabama, where he hit rock bottom in front of a different audience. At a Bama football game in front of his parents, he collapsed from an overdose.

“He was screaming, ‘I need help for my son!’ and I remember seeing my mom in the distance crying, and I remember thinking, ‘Where is my life going? What just happened?’ I knew all the drugs and all the mess had caught up with me in my life,” Pitt said.

His parents brought him home and randomly drug-tested him. When he failed one of the tests, his dad gave him an ultimatum in the basement of their home.

Matt’s mother, Missy Pitt, said, “ Neither Larry or I was expecting what came out of his mouth that day when Larry told him to pack his bags. We were putting him under a bridge. I was just as shocked as Matt. We were pushover parents. We never in a million years would have done that.”

“Here I am, one step away from being homeless,” Matt said. “I have nowhere to go, nothing to offer, but I do remember my mom saying, one day God will use you. One day, you will be a voice to help others.”

He immediately dropped to his knees and asked for forgiveness. Then he started bringing friends to his basement to get to know God.

The basement group grew quickly. It’s outgrown several churches and captured attention nationwide. We told him we wanted an interview, but really, we, too, wanted to recognize him with a Making a Difference award.

“This makes me feel people are excited about what we are doing and pats me on the back from the city,” Matt said. “Feeling like I’m gonna rock it tomorrow night!”

Justin Standridge  grew up with Matt.

“When he gets up there, I’ve heard him a million times, but I’m just glued to him like, man, this guy, he is really making a difference … his whole life revolves around these kids, that’s it,” Standridge said.

Matt Pitt, thank you for making a difference for so many.

The Basement just moved from Cathedral of the Cross in Roebuck to Church of the Highlands. Matt says there’s even a Christian reality show is in the works.


Matt Pitt on CBN

September 13th, 2015

Matt Pitt: Good Times at The Basement

By Terri SimmonsThe 700 Club – ROAD TO THE BASEMENT

Matt Pitt’s journey to “the basement” began almost six years ago.

“I was a problem child in Birmingham, Alabama. I was in and out of a lot of the schools there. I was just real hyperactive,” Matt said. “By the time I was a senior, I got involved running with some guys that were really strong into selling drugs and doing them. In this area, not only did I do a lot of drugs, I was selling them, too.”

After high school, Matt attended the University of Alabama. And instead of concentrating on his school workload, he continued consuming and selling drugs, mainly cocaine. One day, Matt’s parents came to attend the university football game and to visit him. During the game, Matt had a drug overdose and was rushed to the hospital.

“When my mom and dad came to the school, they were more or less just checking up on me,” he said. “When they saw their son had a drug problem, they were crushed.”

Matt’s parents took him out of school, and he went home to live with them in Birmingham after his drug overdose at the University of Alabama.

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Basement Conference 2014 – It’s NOT Too Late to Sign-up!

November 12th, 2014

Matt Pitt and The Basement from Birmingham, Alabama, are on the road again for a conference this New Year (January 2nd-4th) of 2015 to Gatlinburg, Tennessee!

The Basement has consecutively seen thousands of young reached over ten years. It takes radical measures to reach a radical generation and The Basement has maximized this opportunity through mainstream worship oriented events. What many consider the largest youth movement in the nation, The Basement has seen this God-birthed model of ministry implemented throughout numerous cities across the nation as well as encourage and equip ministry leaders and team with the passionate desire and God-given methods to grow, disciple, and maintain the attention of today’s youth. The conferences are a time of refreshing and encouragement for both the youth leaders and youth alike. The Basement is constantly growing, adapting, and reaching out with new methods to make the most impact in any environment. Come join The Basement team as the host multiple conferences throughout the year at places such as: Gatlinburg, Destin, Panama City Beach, and more! We share the Basement’s 10 years of proven success with God’s plan to reach the youth of today! Check out some of the testimonies and ministries that have been launched after attending a Basement Conference event!

This Year’s Conference we will have Matt Pitt and Casey “Bird” Holland as well as Shake the City from South Carolina and the Redefined from Kentucky!

Click HERE to sign up!

Or call (205) 774-1392 for more info!

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Jail Testimony: Jeremy

November 12th, 2014

This is Jeremy’s story AKA J-Roc who had come to The Original Basement years ago, and rededicated his life when he was reunited with Matt Pitt in Shelby County Jail!

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Jail Testimonyl: Prayer Call

November 12th, 2014

Matt Pitt talking about prayer service in jail!


Hollie’s Story

October 14th, 2014

Check out Hollie’s story of letting go of her past and past relationships!


Stories of Hope Every Week

September 25th, 2014

Stories of multiple live changed every week at The Basement and Matt Pitt! Come check it out every Tuesday night in Birmingham Alabama!


Jail Testimony: Joe

September 23rd, 2014

Joe April 2014 Inmate Testimony

Up here in the upper room every night so far Matt was telling me that you know you gotta produce and bear good fruit. And you don’t carry your burdens around, you give them to the Lord, because you know thats what He got up on that cross to do. Now I got to praying and studying the Word every night and that God will knock on the door but you the knob is on your end. You got to open it for Him. and then stay plugged in and focused of God’s will and His plan for you. Love others and be a fisher of men. Care for the lost. Watch, listen and pray and go on and pray some more and more for guidance. And pain and mistakes, everything in the past is temporary, but His love for us is eternal and forever. That’s some of the things that I’ve picked up from up there


Jail Testimony: Spreading the Gospel

September 22nd, 2014

Here is a story of 2 men that led people to Christ after they were led to Christ by Matt Pitt during his indictment in Shelby County!

Two Men Saved


Jail Testimony: Achilles

September 18th, 2014

We’ve got the upper room going, theres guys up here moving every day. We have at least 15 to 25 guys up in this room talking about God, praying about God. There’s new people coming every day, theres people coming from work block, people coming from all over the jail, trying to get up in here, just so they can see what’s going on up in here in the upper room. It’s unbelievable! and I came from prison, I came from draper prison. I actually watched matt down there in the prison, inside the chapel, preaching! Back on VHS tape man! can you guys believe that, on VHS tape! Unbelievable man, I mean it’s been the most unbelievable experience! I cant wait to get out of here and go down to the basement and see whats going on. I mean, he talks great about you guys! Man he cant wait to get out there with you guys! I know he loves you guys and this jail is on fire man, I’m telling you what! It’s unbelievable! Most Unbelievable thing I’ve seen man, and I’ve never seen anything like this in my life! God bless you guys man

Awesome things are happening, this basement is unbelievable up here!